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We’ve been busy… HawkDG Update

Speaker travel container. Check.
Suit bag. Check.
24 pack of room temperature water. Check.

Those 3 items summarize how busy this summer has been for HawkDG.

June 2016 was our busiest month since we opened our business in January of 2014, and we are delighted to have increased our people trained by 428% since 2015. We’ve also had the privilege of working with some of the best employers with a true commitment to employee development and success. Check out some of the highlights below:


Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak at the Project Management Institute Houston’s annual conference. The session was a resounding success with attendees leaving inspired to pursue their purpose.

See how they answered a few of the workshop survey questions below:


Thank you to everyone for your continued support, and stay tuned for future updates!

Find Purpose. Find Answers. Find You.

Larry Hawkins II
CEO, Co-Founder

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