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Thank You

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the well wishes. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you for every like, comment, and share on social media. Thank you for the recommendations to your peers. Thank you for believing in me.

It has been four years since this journey has started, two years since we established the LLC, and every single day has been a learning experience. It has been a humbling path to share my motivation, my passion, and my purpose with everyone I have encountered.

Some days, it’s still surreal to me. This journey took a more intentional turn two years ago and I’ve learned so much in that short amount of time.

Every time someone asks me, “What are the most important lessons you’ve learned so far?” I always come back to these five things:

    I’m not referring to co-founders or partners in your business. I’m referring to your support system, those who believe in you. Entrepreneurship is hard. Pursuing your goals is hard. You’re going to have high points, and even lower points, while on your journey. It is vital you have people in your corner to lean on when you’re tired, help you pick yourself back up, to force you to stop and smell the roses, and even whisk you away from the grind for bit of a mental reprieve. Whether your support system is just one person, or twenty-five, keep those people close.
    You should always, always, ALWAYS work to master your craft. No matter the craft, there’s always room for improvement. If you think you’re done improving, you’ve already lost. Equally important is taking time to care for yourself. We all have our own methods of giving ourselves a pat on the back to relax, and you should not lose this while on your journey. You may not be able to allocate as much time to it as you’d like, but you have to set aside time just for you. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you serve those around you?
    Too often we define success as an esoteric event that only a select few will reach many years from now. The very practice of this way of thinking is demotivating from the start. What about the in-between time when you’re working hard every day to push yourself a little bit further? You have to define success day by day, hour by hour. That’s how you achieve small wins that build momentum into the bigger wins. You never want to end a day thinking, “I was so busy today, but what did I actually get done?” Activity does not equal productivity. Be intentional in your efforts, and intentional in how you attack each day.
    If you had asked me two years ago where I’d be today, I can guarantee it would not be where I currently stand. When we launched HawkDG, we laid out a plan for our first six months and the first three items on our list failed. Instead of sulking and blaming others for our failed plan, we regrouped and looked at alternate paths. We continued to fail, but every now and then we’d have a success. We latched on to what we found successful and iterated on our plans from there. Here we stand, two years later, and our original plan has taken a back seat to what we’ve learned so far. I couldn’t be happier. Create your plan, execute on your plan, but don’t be so married to the plan that you’re too stubborn to adjust.
    Early on, I used to compare HawkDG to other companies that were in our field. I’d wonder if we were doing enough to position ourselves to be successful. It was in the middle of this mental exercise that I realized I couldn’t be more wrong. My personal life was MY personal life so why would HawkDG be any different? The path we were on, every failure, every success, and every opportunity, was OUR path. We all have our individual path to walk on this earth, and comparing it to someone else’s is an exercise in futility. You are where you are, when you are, how you are for a reason. Learning from someone else’s journey is great, but nothing good can come from comparing your purpose to someone else’s.

Your purpose is for YOU. It’s your unique contribution to the world.

Find Purpose. Find Answers. Find You.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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