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5 Principles to a Purposeful Life

Purpose gives life meaning, and principles provide the rules. Principles determine how you engage life, what you create, and how you treat other people. This is the foundation on which Larry Hawkins II tells the story of his walk to pursue purpose. Through his stories of success, failure, pain, and embarrassment, he lays out his five personal principles and how the lessons can help you grow as a person.

The principles of motivation, purpose, betterment, contribution, and mastery serve as Larry’s personal principles, but will also give direction in how to engage your own life. Whether you’re searching for your life’s purpose, looking to make a life change, or are in need of motivation to keep moving forward, this is the book for you. Larry shares the lessons he’s learned to give you a guide to support you in pursuing your dreams.

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5 Principles to a Purposeful Life:
Navigation Guide

In his purpose-filled book 5 Principles to a Purposeful Life, Larry Hawkins II shares the stories of how his principles were created, impacted his life, and enabled him to make an impact on others to teach the importance of moving with purpose to make a larger impact on the world.

Now, with this companion Navigation Guide, Larry provides a practical tool to aid you in harnessing your passions, personalizing the teachings from the book, and making tangible steps in the pursuit of your purpose.

Through additional stories about Larry’s journey, practical applications, and self-reflective exercises, the Navigation Guide will direct your steps as you walk towards your purpose. If you remain committed to your journey, the pursuit of your purpose will lead you to the truest version of yourself.

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