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Realizing Career Success through Self-Branding

Course Description

Are you preparing to start a new career? Does your day-to-day life excite you and you’re looking for ways to do more? Larry’s approach to Self-Branding helps you find answers to these questions and so much more. This course will educate, equip, and empower you with the tools necessary to increase your productivity through personal growth, create a demand for your unique talents, and increase your personal marketability.

This four hour workshop includes the following:

  • ► Comprehensive workbook with to facilitate increased self-awareness and efficiency in career development
  • ► 30, 60, & 90 day action plan to guide the application of the course to your career goals
  • ► 13 week post-course email plan providing supplemental content to help keep you accountable and mindful long after the workshop ends
Course Objectives

Module 1 – Intro to Branding

  • ► Explain the psychological connection between inner motivations and the affect they have on a career.

Module 2 – Pillars of Self-Branding

  • ► Assess their inner motivations and their alignment with current actions.
  • ► Select the best situations, and circumstances, where they can utilize their talents.

Module 3 – Personal Brand Statement

  • ► Combine their personal motivations, value proposition, and talents into a cohesive, comprehensive branding statement.

Module 4 – Owning Your Interactions

  • ► Articulate the three stages of a social interaction.
  • ► Identify the nine influencers of a first impression.
  • ► List and explain the three types of social cues that impact a personal brand.

Module 5 – Summary

  • ► Summarize the Pillars of Self-Branding and their relation to their life.
  • ► Outline their three-month plan for improving their career trajectory.
Business Outcomes
  • ► Increase in personal productivity by 10-15%
  • ► Boost job satisfaction by 15-20%
  • ► Improve satisfaction with career direction by 25-30%
  • ► Gain skills to manage your reputation and positively influence others
  • ► Enhance work relationships to emphasize a collaborative work culture and deliver strong results
  • ► Enrich career development conversations between managers and employees