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Finding Your Purpose through Self-Branding

Course Description

Are you ready to move forward in your career? Are you looking for ways to be more energized in your role? What can you learn about your purpose to make sure you align your passion with your talents and skills?

Spend some time with us as explore how to become more engaged in your work and your evaluate inner motivations. In this class, you’ll discover how to pursue your purpose to spend your time in more meaningful ways as Larry guides you through thought provoking questions, group discussions, and interactive exercises to increase your self-awareness and efficiency in career development.

Course Objectives

Module 1 – The Principles of Leadership

  • ► Outline the five principles of Self-Branding leadership.
  • ► Explain the psychological connection between inner motivations and the affect they have on a career.

Module 2 – Intro to Branding

  • ► Correlate the concept of the golden circle to the importance of proper branding.
  • ► Distinguish the similarities and differences between corporate branding and personal branding.
  • ► Explain the power that every interaction has on a career.

Module 3 – Pillar of Purpose

  • ► List the four common misconceptions surrounding the idea of purpose.
  • ► Evaluate their current perspective within the context of the pursuit of purpose.
  • ► Assess their inner motivations and passions to align their actions with their purpose.
  • ► Organize their current lifestyle into the three distinct categories based on their desired career goals.
Meet the Founder

Larry Hawkins II’s life passion is developing other people. He finds true fulfillment in helping people discover things about themselves that allow them to do more than they thought possible. This is the foundation on which Hawkins Development Group was formed. Larry has taught thousands of people in academic, corporate, government, and non-profit and travels the country speaking on a variety of topics including Self-Branding, change management, and career development.