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Finding Confidence in Change

Course Description

Going through change can often feel uncertain and scary, but with the right mindset and tools, you can take control of your journey through any transition. Leveraging the tools and techniques provided will instill confidence that you have the right competencies to maximize productivity, enhance collaboration, and encourage creativity within yourself and others.
This one-hour session will increase your value to your organization, peers, and personal life by providing an assessment on how well you deal with change as well as cover strategies for dealing with personal change.

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Understanding Change

  • ► Analyze given scenarios and identify signs of correctly, and incorrectly, dealing change
  • ► Evaluate and categorize their ability to deal with change according to four distinct categories
  • ► List the four stages of experiencing change curve

Module 2 – Coping with Personal Change

  • ► Outline the three stages of the coping with personal change strategy
  • ► List the four common emotional responses to personal change
  • ► Apply the appropriate change strategy to a given situation