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Driving Organizational Change

Course Description

Going through change can often feel uncertain and scary, but with the right mindset and tools, you can take control of your organization’s journey through any transition. Leveraging the tools and techniques provided will instill confidence that you have the right competencies to maximize productivity, enhance collaboration, and encourage creativity within yourself and others.

This full day workshop will increase your value to your organization, peers, and personal life by effectively anticipating, managing, and adapting to change. In addition to providing an assessment on how well you deal with change, this workshop will cover strategies for driving change, the four phases of experiencing change, and the three stages of managing change.

Through immediately applicable exercises, workshop participants will be able to use tools to prepare your team for change, plan accordingly to embrace change, and support the adaptation of change. With this workshop, comes the realization that the true beauty of change is in the opportunities to shine amidst the chaos.

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Understanding Change

  • ► Analyze given scenarios and identify signs of correctly, and incorrectly, dealing change
  • ► Evaluate and categorize your ability to deal with change according to four distinct categories
  • ► Apply the appropriate change strategy to a given situation
  • ► Identify the components of the change management cycle

Module 2 – Readying for Change

  • ► Outline the importance of creating a change network team
  • ► Define the purpose of their respective responsibility area
  • ► Create a formal analysis of a given responsibility area
  • ► Determine the likelihood of impending change to a given responsibility area

Module 3 – Engaging Change

  • ► Create an action plan for implementing a given change
  • ► Delegate tasks to the appropriate roles according to a created accountability chart
  • ► Perform a gap assessment according to a created accountability chart

Module 4 – Reinforcing Change

  • ► Identify opportunities to alleviate the stress of change
  • ► Brainstorm methods of celebrating successful change
  • ► List and define the 5 steps to adapt to an unexpected change