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How to Own Your Impact

In this week’s blog, we use an analogy of the Game of Thrones to discuss how to own the impact you’re making on those around you. Not familiar with the Game of Thrones? No worries, we provides a brief overview of the show to help you understand. How is your brand affecting the people around you?

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How to Communicate Your Value

To build an effective personal brand, you have to understand how to communicate your value to others. Today we discuss this topic using the well known household product, Febreze.

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Thank You

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the well wishes. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you for every like, comment, and share on social media. Thank you for the recommendations to your peers. Thank you for believing in me. It has been four years since this journey has started, two years since … Continue reading Thank You

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Change How You Think About Weightlifting

There’s nothing more humbling than to see someone warming up with your max weight. I still remember the day it happened. I had just reached 180 lbs. on the bench press and was feeling very good about myself. I wrapped up my workout, cleaned off the bench, and stepped out of the way for the … Continue reading Change How You Think About Weightlifting

Change How You Think About Nutrition

Diets are terrible. There, I said it. Diets are terrible for 3 main reasons: They’re usually used as a punishment for something: “You can’t fit into those [insert any article of clothing]; you’re going on a diet!” They’re usually short term and you go back to your old eating habits once you’ve reached the milestone: … Continue reading Change How You Think About Nutrition

Change How You Think About Fitness

Not so little known fact: I really enjoy going to the gym. So much so, that I like to encourage people in the gym, encourage people to go to the gym, and encourage people to integrate fitness into their lifestyle. As we approach the prime time of year to start getting fit, I wanted to … Continue reading Change How You Think About Fitness

A Pumpkin-seed-sized Mustard Seed

‘This ain’t no intro, this the entree Hit that intro with Kanye and sound like André’ “All We Got” – Chance The Rapper It’s been another year and I find myself standing on the edge. The edge of thirty. 3-0….wow. I’ve come to enjoy writing these yearly reflections, because it makes for an amazing read … Continue reading A Pumpkin-seed-sized Mustard Seed

We’ve been busy… HawkDG Update

Speaker travel container. Check. Suit bag. Check. 24 pack of room temperature water. Check. Those 3 items summarize how busy this summer has been for HawkDG. June 2016 was our busiest month since we opened our business in January of 2014, and we are delighted to have increased our people trained by 428% since 2015. We’ve … Continue reading We’ve been busy… HawkDG Update